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Revolutionizing the House Cleaning Process

Clean Fanatic is the leading name in Household cleaning services in Bangalore and one of the Cleaning Services pioneers in India.

We specialize in Sofa cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Mattress cleaning, , and various other housekeeping services in Bangalore.

Why do you need professional cleaning services?

As life becomes busier, and young professionals barely get time to manage household chores, often due to neglect, various corners of the house starts accumulating dust. This results in increase in dust allergens, harmful bacteria, dust-mites and host of other disease causing agents. With Bangalore being the focal point of India’s young professionals, the problem of an unhygienic home is more profound. With accumulation of these harmful agents, the house does not only look dirty but becomes unhealthy to live in. Soon the residents suffer from various allergies caused by the accumulation of such agents. The allergies can range from cold, cough, fever, and asthma to rashes and other skin diseases. If there is a child at home, these harmful bacteria and microbes are even more dangerous for the young ones.

Which are the dirtiest areas in your house?

Research suggests some of the dirtiest parts of the house are: carpet, sofa, mattress, window mesh, kitchen, bathroom, rugs, upholstery, and various corners of the house that go unnoticed. These areas need cleaning to maintain health and hygiene.

Young professionals cannot maintain a hygienic home for 3 reasons:
  1. Lack of time
  2. Normal household cleaning substances and vacuum cleaners do not have the efficacy to get rid of these microbes.
  3. Most household cleaning products serve to enhance the beauty and removing stains as opposed to the more important purpose of maintaining hygiene.

Under these circumstances, households need to use the services of a professional cleaning service to maintain a healthy and hygienic home free from dust allergens and bacteria.

Why choose Clean Fanatic?

Clean Fanatic is a pioneer in the business of Professional Cleaning Services in Bangalore. We have served more than 300 households in Bangalore.

  1. We use a 4 step revolutionary approach to cleaning. This includes UV sterilization, Dust Extraction, Anti-Dust Mite Spray and Foam Shampoo
  2. We have a team of experiences highly trained professionals who have been in working on household cleaning for nearly 3 years. Our staff will understand your cleaning requirement, your health needs and then offer a customized service tailored to your needs
  3. We use patented machines that have been approved by various regulatory bodies

What are the various cleaning services Clean Fanatic offers?

We understand that Bangalore is a home to various mixes of people, from the old to the new, from the tech savvy folk to the heritage lovers, from the modern to the traditional. Our services are tailored to suit everyone:

  1. Carpet cleaning Services – We clean your regular carpet, woolen carpet and Persian carpets using our 4 step process. We do carpet shampoo to leave your carpet as good as new.
  2. Sofa Cleaning Services – We clean your regular sofa, leather sofa, suede sofa. Cleaning includes Sofa Shampoo as well.
  3. Mattress Cleaning – We clean all types of mattresses
  4. Rug Cleaning
  5. Window Mesh Cleaning
  6. Kitchen Cleaning – We clean kitchen sink, remove grime and grease, clean countertops, stove tops and oven, microwave, mop floors, clean fridge, oven, and interior windows.
  7. Bathroom Cleaning – We do acid Washing, cleaning bathroom mirrors, bathroom sink, chrome spouts and handles, trash can, scrubbing toilets, showers, tubs, bathroom floors, cabinets and drawers.
  8. Apartment Cleaning – We remove Cobwebs, clean dust blinds and window ledges, change bed linens, mop floors, dust furniture, clean table tops, windows, mirror, cabinet and drawer.
  9. Move In/Move out Cleaning – If you are moving to a new house or moving out of your house,we help in cleaning your house completely

  10. Areas we serve:

    Clean Fanatic serves across all areas in Bangalore. We work on house cleaning in various areas including Sarajapur, WhiteField, Koramangala, Sanjaynagar, Bannerghatta Road, Jayanagar, Malleshwaram, J.P.Nagar. and others.

We use a Revolutionary 4 step process which gets
rid of Germs, allergens, dust mites & leaves your home looking new!!
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We offer Sofa Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and Other HouseKeeping Services.
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  • Clean Fanatic Certified by AHAM for Clean Air
  • Clean Fanatic Certified by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
  • Approval Seal - The Carpet and Rug Institute